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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955

MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


Angouleme, Circuit des Remparts 2010

Posted on October 6, 2010 at 5:23 AM

I'm sure you'll have seen that I've uploaded several photographs from my weekend at Angouleme. What a weekend it was. My car ran very well, managing a fifth place finish in what was a very competitive grid and without major incident. That said Dougal from Longstone tyres did give a practical demonstration of his stopping power, during first lap, by parking infront of me on the second to last corner!


1142LAFFONT Jean MarcBUGATTI19261415:40:633
268ILIFFE RichardRILEY19341416:01:407
374MASON John PaulALVIS 1416:35:686
462BEERENS FrangioMG19361416:37:149
561BAKER StevenMG19381315:55:766
676VAN EGMOND AbLAGONDA19351316:11:438
771LEES TonyVAUXHALL19131316:13:978
865EGRON PascalAMILCAR19271316:22:900
963CLEAR AllenRILEY19301316:25:609
1075READER DavidHEALEY19501316:44:832
1166GREL-RIBERY PascalMG19351216:35:778
1248ELLIOT PYLE RobertLEA FRANCIS19261116:04:578
1348CAWLEY DougalFRAZER NASH192111:24:298

Interestingly there were two historic races this year, which meant that my friends', Mick Heywood and Peter Greenaway, MGs featured separately. This gave me a rare opportunity to watch MGs on the track at Angouleme, including Jean-Lucs TA / Q type. It was an interesting grid and very entertaining to watch the three wheeled Morgan's battling at the front. Unfortunately Pete lost his supercharger belt towards the end of the race and dropped off the pace, he did however record his second finish and is already talking of next year. The results were as follows:


246DARBYSHIRE SueMORGAN1929135.864
342CAROLINE GaryMORGAN19281314.628
447EDLER MarkAUSTIN19301339.287
553GREENAWAY PeterMG19471344.562
654DANIELS DavidRILEY1933131:04.567
756COURTEIX BrunoBUGATTI1927121 Tour
841GRIAND GerardRILEY1935121 Tour
949HEYWOOD MichaelMG1937121 Tour
1043CHEVALIER AlainAUSTIN1936112 Tours
1259BEURQ Jean LucMG194758 Tours
1345COXON TimMORGAN192719 Tours
1444CLEWS PeterMORGAN1935112 Tours 

I've now  added footage of the race to the Videos section above including a video taken from my car. I must apologise that it's off centre, I was offered the camera moments before going on track and without any proper fixing brackets gaffa tape had to suffice. I hope you enjoying watching the videos and seeing the photographs, I have the originals so if your car features then please get in touch. Here's a short clip to get you going. 

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