MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955

MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955

About Me

I'm an MG enthusiast with a racing habit to fund! I've owned, enjoyed, restored and worked with MGs for over thirty years. My first MG, way back in the early eighties was an MG midget quickly followed by an MGB GT which became my pride and joy. I restored the B to concours condition and spent weeks of my life polishing her for concours events including Silverstone which was where I saw my first T-series car. An MG TC. I couldn't really afford one back then, but managed to exchange my life's savings for an MG TA in pieces. My wife was horrified! I taught myself as I rebuilt the car, a steep learning curve. No sooner had I finished than the car was sold, I had enjoyed building the car so much I fancied a new project.

After the TA, it was time for a new challenge and so I bought a TC from Plus 4 motors, another project and another challenge. This lead me to joining the Octagon Car Club, entering T-series concours events, and learning every fine detail of how TA, TB and TC cars were put together from colour codes to correct bolts and threads. I put this information to good use, opening a restorations workshop (photograph shows Harry Crutchley collecting his ex Reg Harris TD from me and also a parts business which would later be sold to Andy King. The novelty of  polishing cars soon wore off, and after meeting Paul Smeeth, and driving his Supercharged TC, I decided to try racing.  

I wanted a Pre War Supercharged MG of course so went hunting for a car to fit the bill. At the time a very good friend of mine had just bought a Q /P Type MG. I loved the look of the car but was not really interested in the engine. Therefore I suggested fitting an XPAG engine on a Q/P Type chassis. That was frowned upon, so I built an MG TA/Q Type. After weeks of messing around a jig was made and the first one was produced. Dave Clewley was talking to me at a race meeting trying his normal, “do us a deal on some parts” and happened to mention he had an XPAG Cross flow head. A deal was struck and I had my own MG Q/T Type car which I took to Cadwell Park for its first outing.

I raced the Q/T, as it was becoming known, for a number of years until a very poor race at Angouleme where I hit the barriers, this spooked me and it was then sold to the late Jacques Potherat. By then I had managed to find a second head crossflow head, must have been the only person to ever own two originals, and begun to make the pattern work for more. I must confess that I now use standard heads, as in my opinion they produce as much power. That TA/Q managed 106 BHP running through a front mounted Volumex Supercharger with a 2 inch carb, but you needed more to catch the boys at the front even in those days. The wife also used to complain about having to sit next to the exhaust.

The next race car was an MG TB with an M90 Eaton supercharger.  I believe I was the first to race one in the UK, regardless of what others may say. This was sold to John Clarke after a few seasons, I'd had a midlife crisis and bought a Ferrari 308GTB. That episode didn't last long either though as I soon sold her and began building another pointed tale car, to race at Angouleme. A real mean machine. which I kept for a number of years until University fees beckoned for my sons and it was sold via Barry Walker to Frank Mount in Canada , a well known MG man out there. He loves it and has managed to win the Historic Pittsburgh Grand Prix, good on him. That’s what it was built for a good thrashing around a great street circuit.

By the early 2000s I'd sold my parts business to Andy King. I was all the while in full time employment and the restorations were taking too much of my time. I still of course had a garage full of MG parts and cars but have only been involved in the odd race, building my own car for Angouleme in 2007 for example.

I've now "retired" but am rediscovering my love for MGs and realising the importance of teaching my son how it all works so the knowledge won't be lost. I've started trading again to fund the racing habit and maybe inspire his. I sell specialist parts and buy and sell pre-1955 MGs, especially T-series cars. I intend to build several Q-type specials to clear the garage, which will also be available as kits and will then focus more on buying and selling (though I do have a few off the wall projects in mind).

I intend for this website to be a window into my world, you'll be able to see the cars I'm building and also where I've been, past projects and events. I welcome comments from anyone with a passion for MG and will be happy to help if you're stuck with anything.