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MG TB Slab Tank & The Q-Type Finished

Posted on February 23, 2021 at 11:10 AM

Well it's been a very stranger winter here, unable to welcome clients I've been locked away in the garage which means there has been plenty of progress.

First up, you may recall that I've been working this MG TB slab tank special fitted with a modified aluminium K-Type body. It's been a joy to work on and I'm very pleased with the result. I really love the panelwork and the colour sets it off beautifully too. I can thoroughly recommend the services of Stanton Motorsport for anyone looking for a rolling road, these guys know their stuff and were very helpful in settnig up the car. I just wish it were a little warmer.

You may also recognise the car below from my previous post, I have finally finished the restoration of this MG PA  / Q-Type special and I'm delighted with it. I was actually really surprised with how good it is to drive as well, she is fitted with a Volumex supercharger which gives a lot of a boost when fitted to the 850cc engine. It picks up really well and makes a fantastic noise. I've also been won over by the ENV75 pre-selector which was hard work at first but soon became second nature. She will now be sent on her way to Japan where I'm sure the new owner will find plenty of sunny days to take her for a spin. 

Lockdown Diaries

Posted on October 6, 2020 at 12:30 AM

Written 02/05/2020 - my apologies we've had some issues uploading to our website.

There's rather a lot less going on here that I would like at the moment, with Luke away and many suppliers closed. It is very frustrating but of course understandable, let's hope we're past this Covid-19 situation sooner than later and back to normality.


Having completed our first MG PA / Q-Type build I'm well underway with the second. This is going to be a real beast of a car with an ENV 75 pre-selector gearbox. Really looking forward to having her finished.

I am also building a slab tank T-Type special in the style of a factory K3 race car, she will be similar to my old TB race car with a few minor tweaks. I've just finished fitting up the body tub and she'll be back to the panel guy for a bonnet as soon as possible. I think the big headlamps and valance really look the part.


MG P-Type Q-Type PA Marshall

Posted on February 6, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Thought a few of you might be interested to see this MG PA we've just finished and sold. Of course we regularly build pointed tail T-Type cars but a MMM is a bit of a departure from the norm and was an interesting challenge.

We were lucky enough to pick up an old Peter Gregory tub which saved a lot of head scratching. The other panels were all made to suit and I hope you'll agree she looks the part. I'm particularly pleased with the big front valance which neatly covers the front mounted Marshall supercharger. 

The engine is all standard specification, very much set up for the road however with the addition of the supercharger she goes rather well. The car was fitted with an original P-Type gearbox but with an overdrive system to much longer legs for touring.

We had the seats made to fit the tub in Cerulean blue Connolly leather. It's a bit of a squeeze with two big boys inside but we were both smiling. We tried to keep the dashboard in keeping with the original Q-Type design with the big boiler gauges leaving little space for much else!

Where did the summer go?

Posted on September 19, 2019 at 6:20 AM

Every year I find myself wondering how another summer has gone so quickly. We've been busy here, finishing a TA special with a K3 inspired slab tank body as well as working on a couple of big kits which have been sent abroad. Here's the TA/K3 special, similar to my old race car - I absolutely love this dark blue colour:

In addition to our kits and restorations, we've also had a few lovely cars in for sale over the summer including a rare matching numbers MG TB  and this excellent fully restored MG PB which barely made it to the website:

It must have made an impression on me as I'll soon have 3 P-Types in the garage. I still haven't found the time to finish my PA/Q-Type special, although it is now well underway. In the mean time I've been offered another one to sell, as well as an excellent restoration project so expect to see a few MMM cars appearing on the site in due course. We also have this extremely original MG TC rolling restoration available, it's a 1949 car, all matching numbers, original panels - a rare survivor:

I would normally be writing about Angouleme at this time of year but sadly didn't manage to make it to this years event. We've had enough on our plate but I will definitely be there for next year's event. I'm hoping to take an N-Type special which will be a new experience for me. I've driven a fair few MMM cars before but never on the track. 

A Quick Update - 2019

Posted on May 17, 2019 at 9:30 AM

Well I've not been very good at updating the blog but plenty has been happening here. We've had a few cars come and go already this year, ranging from a TF1500 to a full blown TB racecar as well as the usual TCs and Q-Type specials. I rather like this photo I took of a completed TA Q-Type build earlier this month, I had to be a bit creative leaning out of the window to take it!

Another photo which appeared on my Facebook page earlier in the year was of this Q-Type project bound for Germany, there's just something about seeing one of these old girls in the snow which makes me pine for the Monte Carlo but I'd be too old and grumpy to tackle it now:

At the moment we're working on a couple of P-Type/Q-Type cars, one which we're planning to finish with a PB engine and ENV75 pre-selector gearbox and another which will be sold as a project (unless I decide to keep going with it). I've quite enjoyed learning my way around these MMM cars, whilst the power of the later XPAG will always be corrupting it's hard not to admire the beautiful engineering of the earlier racers. Here's one of them in the juices:

I also have a more familiar MG TB in the workshop, it's a matching numbers car which has been extensively rallied. The mechanics and woodwork are in great condition but it's in need of a bit of a tidy up. This has meant removing the engine and gearbox to sort out the wiring and replace the tired old bulkhead with something a bit more becoming. It's a numbers matching car this one, which is really rare to find nowadays so I'm trying to be sympathetic. Even the air cleaners etc. have their original factory stampings:

Angouleme 2018 - Circuit des Remparts

Posted on October 26, 2018 at 4:50 AM

I would like to start this post by acknowledging the sad death of Denis Derex at this year's event. I did not know Denis but he was, clearly, an incredibly popular guy who's death cast a big shadow over the weekend. My condolences  of course go to Denis's family and many friends.

This time we decided to enter my son Luke's MG TB special, which has been rebuilt over the last few year. We had originally planned to re-fit the wings and headlamps but time was against us and so we opted for a rather stripped down look. We were frequently asked which MMM model it was.

Our car was placed in the Maurice Trintignant grid for cars over 1500cc (and supercharged above 1 litre). This put us up against some serious competition, especially on a fresh engine. There were some awesome cars, including this awesome Delage 1500:

What a machine! Peter Edney also set a fantastic pace in his MG TB to take pole position after practice. It was Peter who rebuilt the engine for Luke's car and so I can only assume that he'd kept a few of our horsepowers for himself as I was somewhat further back! I am of course joking, Luke had kindly lent me the car for the weekend but I knew he'd expect it back in one piece. Here's Peter & I before we went out for the race:

The race itself turned out to be fairly quiet for me but sadly Peter's car was damaged in an incident with another Delage under blue flags. Frustratingly that also cost me a position! I finished the race in seventh place which was a good result all things considered and after the events of the weekend I was grateful to be heading home without a scratch. You can see my footage from the race here: Click here to view the race on Youtube

MG PA Q-Type, MG TB, TC Restorations

Posted on November 29, 2017 at 6:10 AM

It's been a busy couple of months for us here, the builders are back in and Luke has just moved house meaning there's parts and cars everywhere. Most of our time in the workshop is being spent on building our MG PA to Q specification. It's a project I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad to finally have the chance to tackle a MMM car. It'll have a pre-selector gearbox, supercharger, all the bells and whistles. She's looking well but there's a long way to go:

I also hope to have a lovely red TC finished and for sale in the next fortnight or so, it's been a real labour of love but I think the end result will be worth it. One of those cars where I just intended to make a few changes and soon found it stripped to the four corners of the garage. I've repainted the wings, replaced the bonnet, rewired the car and fitted a rebuilt Peter Edney MG engine. I undertook a similar project on a cream TC last year and funnily enough received a photograph and a kind note from the new owner recently. It'll all be worth it I'm sure.

I've actually received quite a few nice emails over the past few months from people I've sold cars to, it brings me great pleasure to see them being used, restored and enjoyed as intended. Jim has been similarly busy working on his red MG TC which he bought from us a couple of years ago. He's spent a few quid bringing it up to standard but it has surely been worth it. The car (and the owner, of course) are looking fabulous below:

Another transformation which has really made me smile is that of a restoration project which we sold a couple of years ago. JAT104 arrived in need of a lot of TLC and goodness has she received it. Here's JAT104 as she was:

and now after 2 years of careful restoration by new owner Neil:

I hope to see it in the flesh soon. It's fantastic when you have an opportunity to see a car again after a long time and to know that they're being used. One car which has never seemed too far away is Scott Bailey's old MG TB which briefly returned to us last month. I've known the car for 30 years, recently going to Germany, returning to the UK and will soon be in it's new home in Italy. I'm sure I won't look this good at 78!

Despite having quite a lot on we managed to find time to make it to the Classic Car show at the NEC again this year. I really do enjoy going and the MG Octagon Car Club very kindly invited us to display a car on their stand once again. They're a fantastic group of guys and I'd whole heartedly recommend that anyone with an interest in T-Type MGs join the club. It was good to see the stand busy and a real appreciation for the older cars at a show with such a diverse range of vehicles on display.

Angouleme 2017 - Circuit des Remparts - Derek Bell!

Posted on September 22, 2017 at 10:55 AM

As September rolls around we normally turn our attention to the Circuit-des-Remparts in Angouleme and this year was no different. I really enjoy visiting France and this race has a special place in my heart. Hundreds of cars turn out for the rally each year and there's events throughout the weekend including the Concours d'elegance on the Friday night. My wife, Sandie, and I set off a bit early this year. We made our way down from Calais stopping at Bernay and Le Mans (briefly) and I think this is what I'll do in future too. We sometimes take the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo but I rarely have a good nights sleep!

We arrived in Angouleme on Thursday and the town was already gearing up. Cars were in the pits for the race on Sunday and there was a proper buzz about the place with all sorts of classic and modern sports cars and exotics everywhere you turned. A particular highlight was seeing Derek Bell's Le Mans car being towed behind his W. O. Bentley, not something you see every day! Speaking to his mechanic I learned that he'd used nearly 1 litre of fuel per mile - the most surprising thing perhaps was that I was not at all surprised.

A couple of our friends who live near Carcassonne came up for the weekend and it was fantastic to be able to spend a decent amount of time in their company. We used the Friday and Saturday as a chance to relax (and shop) and make the most of the trip away. Several pastries were tested, beers sampled and wines tended to. My son Luke came down on the Friday with a couple of his friends - who had surely heard they were missing out. This made for a good group of us and added to the experience.

Sunday, and the race, seemed to creep up on us. There was some confusion with the schedule which meant I cancelled my lie in for nothing (not that I'm bitter about it!) and had more than enough time to prepare the car. Thankfully this consisted of little more than pressing the engine start, unlike last year I'd had a proper chance to run her in and all little teething troubles were long since sorted. Practise was preceded by a demonstration run by Mr. Bell in the aforementioned blower Bentley. Quite how he managed to chuck it around those tight hairpins is anyones guess. When we finally made it out I had a good run and enjoyed being back on the track. There was a brief interuption by the Patrouille Acrobatique de France (I hope that's right, the French red arrows if you will) which will rank as one of the strangest "red flags" I've encountered but it only added to the event.

Back in the pit lane I found out that I'd qualified 6th. I was pleased with the result as my car is very much now set up as a "fast road" car rather than an out and out racer. In truth the grid was a bit of a mismatch, with an 11 litre Aero engined Amilcar looking like the obvious favourite despite only having 2 gears (first to 80mph and second to 140, wow), it only added to the charm though. There was also two factory K3s in attendance which was a lovely to see.

The weather let us down through the day on Sunday, with the rain absolutely chucking down at times. This made for very tricky conditions for some of the races in the interim but thankfully I didn't see any major incidents. We were very lucky that it stopped in time for my race and though the track was still damp conditions were good. The race was very enjoyable, despite a near miss with the Bira K3 on the middle hairpin up the hill (I think he had some trouble and had pulled up) and I held position to finish 6th overall. I don't think there's any shame in admitting to being lapped by the Hispano-Suiza powered Amilcar which absolutely flew round the track (no pun intended) to take the victory. Sitting in the cold light of Monday morning and faced with the long drive home there was only one question on my mind: Which car will I take next year?

MGLive! 2017 at Silverstone

Posted on June 19, 2017 at 4:50 AM

I had a great time at MG Live at Silverstone this weekend and in truth I enjoyed the journey down every bit as much as the event. The sun was shining and I made a last minute decision not to take the van but to drive down in our red MG TC. It was definitely the right call, although next time I'll wear a hat (I look like a beetroot this morning).

The event has changed over the years and now caters to a wider audience, even the latest MG models are represented, but it was nice to see that there are still a few old cars that make it down. I would have liked to see a MMM (pre-1936) grid but they're perhaps more suited to Hillclimbs than circuit racing. That said I did spot a nice P/Q-Type special on Barry Walker's stand.

The T-Types were flying as always, Peter Edney's TC looked on top form. I also saw a few blasts from the past including MNE4 (the TD) which used to belong to my friend Harry. A good weekend all in all and my TC has been upgraded with the installation of a tube of sunscreen in the toolbox!

2017, Con-Rods, Crossflow & Past Cars

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 10:15 AM

January's been a busy month for us and I hope it continues in to the year. We've been all over the country (and further afield) collecting and delivering cars and are continuing to find new upgrades and parts for our beloved MG T-Types. Our latest arrival are the pictured H-section Saenz Con-Rods - I have been extremely impressed with their quality and, whilst they would be overkill for the road, the originals can be a weak point for a tuned or race engine. They are £900 for a set of four (we also sell new billet crankshafts at £1550).

Since I last wrote here I've been made aware of an article about the late Jacques Potherat in the Heritage magazine of the MG car club in France. It's a lovely write up and nice to see one of my old pointed tail specials still being used and look after. This was the one I built with a crossflow cylinder head many moons ago. New crossflow cylinder heads are now being manufactured and look very promising indeed. I hope to be able to write about them in more detail soon. We've also been tasked with making a dual outside exhaust system for one so that should prove interesting!

I was also recently sent a lovely email about an MG TD I built for a chap in the late 90s, I'm delighted to say he still has the car and tells me that it has "won literally dozens & dozens of trophies including a Car of the Show as recently as last season" - he must be a bloody good polisher! Whilst I don't have the time to take on projects like this anymore I always enjoy tinkering with good original cars - it's so satisfying to see a proper MG in top nick.