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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


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The Year to Date & Summer Arrivals

Posted on May 22, 2015 at 10:05 AM

It's been a busy start to the year for us and it's looking like a good summer in prospect. I mentioned that my son Luke is getting married in July - I'd hoped to finish my TB in time for the wedding but instead have found myself working on a TA, a TC a TD and a TF! I need to practise my alphabet. Suffice to say it's been pushed to the end of the year but I know it'll be worth the wait. 

Our red MG TA created quite a stir and a number of admirers. I'll be sad to see it go actually, I'd been enjoying using the car - especially at the local classic car meeting in Greetham which was a great evening out. The chap who bought the car told me he's always dreamt of driving an old MG and flying in a Spitfire - what more could you want from life?

The white TC I worked on earlier in the year found a home in sunny (well, it was raining back in February) Devon. In the last photograph I posted the car was in a state of disrepair but I did eventually put it all back together. Here it is pictured with the new owner:

We have also had an MG TD in the workshop for a few months now, the gentleman who purchased the car soon turned to the darkside and has decided to have us fit a supercharger. I'll make sure I take the camera to Mr. Burgess' rolling road again - people seem to like seeing the needle fly around the gauge. It's a lovely car and Luke may yet be cap in hand begging to use it for wedding transport!


And yes, a TF too, we've just finished converting the car from left to right hand drive, at a very reasonable £19,750 - I have mentioned the car on the blog before but will finally have all the details & photographs in the next week or two. Unsurprisingly there is already interest.

So what's next?

Well we have this lovely, "oily rag", MG TA arriving next week:

Notably the car has been fitted with a genuine and very rare MG TB (not just any old XPAG), pre-war, engine.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that it's been here before. We originally sold the car as a restoration project, she has been sympathetically restored with the brakes being fully overhauled and the engine rebuilt. Priced around £21,000.  

We also have two restoration projects on the horizon, both should be here within a couple of months:

A left-hand drive MG TF 1500 with the correct XPEG engine fitted. 

An MG TA for restoration with a rebuilt MPJG engine. 

And finally, a client of ours sent us this lovely photograph which he unearthed of the car we sold him last March. Here she was in 1964 - what's really striking is how little has changed. 

MG TA TB TC Alfin Style Brake Drums - Cast Iron

Posted on May 5, 2015 at 7:30 AM

Happy to have a new product for your perusal, I've always found cast iron brake drums to offer the best performance for our T-Type MGs, I have used them on several of my race cars over the years (and have a set on my own car currently). The problem has always been that, let's face it, they're not much to look at, especially when compared to the Alfin brake drums (which use a liner) that are readily available. 

I was lucky enough to come across a period i.e. 1930s Alfin brake drum last year as part of a job lot of parts from a notable MG collector. What struck me about it was that it wasn't a linered Aluminium casting as I'd suspect but that it was infact a steel drum with a finned aluminium casting sweated onto it. It became obvious that by mimmicking this approach it would be possible to make a good looking drum but based upon a modern factory made component with a decent lining and without the inherant problems of using a liner. 

Certainly not a task I'd be willing to undertake on my own and I had, as it turns out already been beaten to it. A friend of mine had been working on a project to make a drum exactly as described. I think they look absolutely spot on, I'll be fitting a set to my own car shortly and will be able to give you a full assessment. 

MG TF RHD Conversion - Coming Soon at £19,750

Posted on March 31, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Currently going through the workshop, this North American MG TF which we are converting to right-hand drive. 

Few blemishes in the paint but very solid overall. She's no trailer queen but a sorted and very usable car which drives extremely well. I decided against taking the trailer and drove it home and I'd recommend whoever buys her does the same. 


This would be an ideal car for someone who wants a car to drive this summer that also has scope to improve over time. 


XPAG Crankshafts, Pre-Selectors, MG TC Paint

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Happy new year to you all. 2014 was a busy year for me, 2015 looks to be too. My son Luke will be getting married and I've promised to lend him my TB to drive to the venue in. Better build it then! More of that anon.

The blue TC mentioned on my previous post has found a new owner, as an airline pilot I'm sure he won't find it intimidating to drive - by chance it will be living only a few miles from where I grew up in Kent. A nice coincidence. The white TC has also found a new home, although there were one or two things I wanted to look at before it went (see below). 

The paint finish on the bulkhead was very poor and so I decided to strip it and have it professionally sprayed. We also identified an oil leak from the bottom end and decided it would be easier to take the engine out than mess around attempting a repair in situe. I always check cars over whilst they're here and weigh up what they need, that's why I MOT all roadworthy cars - it's just not worth skimping. 

You may recall that I sold a Q-Type bodied special in pieces to a chap in America recently, I previously posted a photograph of his front-mounted Wade supercharger which caused a bit of a stir. He has now finished building the car and is very happy with the result. So he should be, it looks absolutely fantastic and I was delighted to be involved with the project. If you fancy a go at building one I can supply all necessary parts. 

Speaking of parts, I have a new product to announce. I am now able to sell UK made steel billet crankshafts made to the original factory specification. They are balanced and nitrided, sold ready to fit at £1,550 including VAT.

Updates, MG TCs for Sale - and an MGA!

Posted on November 26, 2014 at 8:20 AM

You may have noticed that I've been busy on eBay of late. I purchased a job lot of items from down under and it's been a bit of an undertaking to sort through them all. I had only intended to purchase 2 cars..

The photograph below shows the carnage as we spilled out from the garage and into the yard along with one disappointed hound wondering why no one wanted to throw the ball. I will be offering the first of the cars I purchased for sale in the new year, a partially restored MG TA special which will be fitted with one of my pointed tale bodies. Watch this space.


You may have seen that I have an MG TC for sale currently. I couldn't pass up the chance to buy this car which has been owned by a true enthusiast, driven and maintained regardless of cost. The invoice folder is scary! The upgrades make it a great driver's car, I went down the road the other day and quickly found myself overtaking a terrified old dear in a little Peugeot - I'd love to know what she thought to that.

Another car I will have for sale shortly is this white MG TC with red trim, it has been fully restored from the ground up and will be offered for sale with a fresh coat of paint, new trim and weather gear and a freshly rebuilt George Edney engine. Should be with me in early December. An ideal Christmas present for someone? More fun than watching the tele - that's for sure.


I will also be offering this MGA, which has been fitted with a 1900 cc MGB engine and Five speed gearbox. These upgrades paired with disc brakes make the car an extremely capable tourer. Ideal if you're looking for a bit more comfort. The car has been fitted with a heater - a fact that seems extremely relevant as I glance outside my window.

eBay Clearout

Posted on October 13, 2014 at 5:30 AM

We're having a clearout on eBay, click here to open our page. More items will be added on Thursday. 

1951 MG TD Restoration Project for Sale

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 8:15 AM

1951 MG TD - £12,000


A rare opportunity to acquire an English, RHD, MG TD (TD2) for restoration. The car has a factory replacement XPAG engine fitted, which runs well with good oil pressure.


The car is extremely original and very complete. Doesn't look like anyone's got to it! It has the correct, original, chronometric gauges, the proper shock absorbers (and the extra front shockers from TD mark II), lots of lovely parts - even some tools and the jack.


Will require new woodwork and the tub needs work but the wings, running boards, bonnet and scuttle are in great condition. The chassis is in excellent condition. An easy restoration with very little to find. Side screens and hood are present.


Car is sold with a UK V5 document and old buff log book with history back to 1965. There's a lovely plaque on the dashboard which seems to be from the original dealership.

Superchargers and 6" Gauges

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 7:10 AM

For a long time now I've been trying to find a 6" electronic rev counter, I love the period look of the larger gauge but on a race car, frankly, it's more important that it's accurate. I ran a 5" Stack gauge on my old white TC racer because the difference between 7500RPM and 8000RPM can be about £8,000! I am therefore very happy to announce the availability of these 6" gauges, though not cheap at £525 they're worth every penny to me:

As I'm sure you're aware superchargers are one of my favourite items for the cars and we have been making some big changes to our kit over the last few months. I have been trying to make a more period looking kit, incorporating a vintage blow-off valve and testing a new manifold to fit inside the bonnet of the TF. We're making good progress and I'll have full details soon. I have also been tasked with supercharging an MG SA using a modern blower - no prizes for guessing which one I have in mind: 

Mean Greenie Lives - MG TCs Sold

Posted on August 4, 2014 at 9:25 AM

It seems like a long time since I've written a blog entry, I've been so busy in the garage that I've simply not found the time. My latest TA special, another "Mean Greenie" is nearing completion and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Especially the exhaust which has turned out better than expected. There is a link to a video of the car at the bottom of this post. 

You may have seen that the red TC has now found a new home, she will be well looked after in sunny Wales and by coincidence the new owner's initials matched the number plate. Some things are meant to be! Our two TC projects both also came and went very quickly, there seems to be a lot of interest in our humble MGs at the moment - long may it continue. The channel 4 production "For the love of cars" seems to have garnered a lot of attention, for all that's been said about the car they rebuilt it was good to see MGs in the limelight. My film making skills aren't quite up to scratch but I love driving the cars:

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In the next couple of weeks I will be offering a burgundy MG TA special for sale, I have also purchased three vehicles from overseas - a TA, TB and TC in various states of disrepair which will keep me off the streets come October. I'm now thinking about letting my TB special go and building a VSCC car, it's a tease with the relatively recent acceptance of the XPAG engine but the idea of the Mille Miglia in a supercharged TB special is always playing on my mind!

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I have since stopped the spare wheel from rattling, I always make sure my cars have a decent number of miles on the clock before they leave. It's the attention to detail that  takes the time but makes all the difference to the finished build. 

A Mean Greenie! & MG TC Rebuild Complete

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 4:20 AM

It is with mixed feelings that I can report that I have finished the red MG TC I've been rebuilding over the last few months, mixed because I've rather enjoyed doing it! I think the results speak for themselves, naturally a couple of things still to tinker with (yes, I will be sorting out the tonneau!) but the car is looking spot on and I'm sure it won't be with us for long:

Those of you who were surprised to see me lavishing so much time and attention on an original car will be pleased to here that I am also currently building another of my "Q-Type" specials on an MG TA. Mean Greenie, as I like to call her can be seen below sporting a polished external exhaust system and 12" brakes. We've fitted a Moss supercharger kit, which sits slightly higher than our own and allows the exhaust system to clear nicely. That's the official reason, in truth I also wanted to have a play with one! 

I love making modifications to these cars, the brakes especially have been an enjoyable challenge for me - I first modified a set for a client in America. He had asked me to source parts for his own Q-Type build using one of our bodies. We modified an ENV pre-selector, a Wade supercharger and numerous other parts as well as supplying nearly everything for the build. I had high hopes for the completed car but must say he has exceeded my expectations, the quality is stunning - judge for yourself!