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RIP Ray Baker

Posted on April 9, 2014 at 6:10 AM

Its with sadness I have to say that my father, who doubled as our chief race mechanic and Brandy taster passed away (failed scrutineering seems more apt) on the 25th of March, his birthday no less, at the age of 81. 

He was a committed petrol head from a young age and I'm sure he'll have already found his place in the great MG garage in the sky. He was the reason I first stepped foot in an MG and convinced me to go racing. He has a lot to answer for! It's amazing to think that that was now over 40 years ago. 

The photograph below was taken in a cafe in France, we were talking tactics before a race meeting. James Hunt famously wore a badge saying sex was the breakfast of champions, I think my father would have made a good case for a double espresso, a brandy and a cigar being better. Maybe that's why we seldom won! We have some great memories and he will be sorely missed.

MG PA Sold & TC Rebuild In Progress 4

Posted on March 15, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Well, no surprise to see our 1934 MG PA sold to the first gentleman to see her. We knew it was a great car, a rare opportunity to buy a complete MMM project and there was a lot of interest. We tried the engine by hand and it was free as a bird.. the chap who bought it tried the engine in earnest and we're happy to report it's running beautifully by all accounts. I'm sure the car will be back on the road in no time and I'll be very happy to see it. 

In other news our TC rebuild is continuing, although I'm probably taking longer than I ought to some jobs just take time. I've rewired the car entirely, replacing the rear D-lamps, fitting new indicators and was lucky to find a SFT462 fog lamp at Stoneleigh which sets the front end of the car off nicely. We didn't realise but the V5 document shows the car to have only had one previous owner. They were obviously in the Octagon car club at some point as two nice old badges came with the car. Having known Harry when he started the Octagon car club I was keen that these stayed on, they've polished up well and I'm very happy with the effect. Photo below shows the front end (bonnet not fitted), the wheels will be replaced soon. 

1949 MG TC For Sale - Rebuild In Progress 3

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 6:05 AM

What a difference a week makes. As you'll see the body has arrived back from the paintshop and I have begun fitting it to the chassis and refitting the wings. The bulkhead has come up really well, you simply can't get that finish without taking the car to a blank chassis. I will be replacing the spark plug holder with a period correct oil can to complete the look. 

I'm still waiting on the arrival of the new rocker cover and haven't tackled the carburettors yet, plenty of jobs left to do but it's certainly starting to look something now. The photograph below does no justice to the bright MG red which really makes the car stand out. The fresh paint finish and little touches make it easy to imagine the car rolling off the production line. I'm sure I won't look that good at 65!

1949 MG TC For Sale - Rebuild In Progress 2

Posted on February 12, 2014 at 10:30 AM

The restoration of our MG TC is continuing with pace and I thought I'd share some photographs so you can see how we're getting on. The rolling chassis has gone back together nicely and the fresh powder coating really sets it apart from most TCs on the market. It's good looking and durable finish that'll protect the chassis for a long time. 

Marking up the brake drums made reassembling the braking system easy, although there is always some adjustment required. The system was bled and each drum adjusted to get the pedal absolutely right. Each shoe and cylinder were checked with seals being replaced as required and then the handbrake adjusted. The original unions cleaned up well but I of course fitted new pipes throughout and with the correct protection coil. 

Attention now turns to the body, having the radiator shell rechromed was a great idea and it's come up really well. I couldn't be happier with it. I lifted it on mostly just to admire the finish. I had the wing stays powder coated at first but then painted them to match the wings as I think it looks better.

You'll see that the engine and gearbox are back in place, although the engine is awaiting a new rocker cover. I have had both the inlet and exhaust manifolds coated with a powder finish used in furnaces - looks really good and should certainly withstand the punishment. The wiring harness has been pulled through the chassis in anticipation of the body tub being lifted back on later today. The car is really starting to look something now and I'm looking forward to the satisfaction of seeing her complete. 

1949 MG TC For Sale - Rebuild In Progress

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 4:55 AM

You may have spotted on the "Cars for Sale" page that I have a TC in the workshop at the moment. It's a cracking car that had been sadly neglected for a number of years. Rebuilt by an elderly gentleman, the car arrived with us having hardly been used. Sadly the paint, particularly the chassis had started to show it's age. 

With a quiet garage over Christmas I decided the car deserved some attention, you'll see from the photograph below that I've been busy. 

My son Luke & I have entirely dismantled the car, inspecting, restoring and replacing components as necessary. It's been a while since I've done this to a TC , a good reminder for me and a great lesson for Luke. In order to achieve the best finish we have had several components, including the entire chassis, axles, backplates and drums powder coated. You can see yourself in the reflection. As you'll see we've also fitted all new brake lines and will be replacing the fuel lines as well as rewiring the car. 

Our painter has been busy too, giving attention to every panel and we have had the radiator shell and headlamps fully rechromed. I'll be fitting a new hood too. Having worked so hard to restore the rolling chassis, we really want this car to be spot on. It will be one of the best TCs we've sold in a long time, everything checked over wanting for nothing. 

Happy New Year - A Busy 2014

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Happy new year from Steve Baker MG, much of 2013 continued to be swallowed by my never ending house build but we are now finally starting to break it's back and I hope to spend more of this year doing what I love - playing with MGs! I intend to find myself back at Angouleme and, having enjoyed 2013s event hope I might also make it down to Jersey once more. 

Despite the stress of the house we had a good year in 2013, our new aluminium radiators and stainless steel exhaust manifolds were a great success and we also built a lovely special, "Ruby", of which I posted a picture previously. We were also lucky enough to find a few great cars, projects and meet some lovely people. I am sure to have some photographs of the project cars we have sold and will keep you posted as they progress. It's so nice to see them being put back on the road. 

We will continue to develop performance parts for T-Types but hope to spend more time buying & selling cars this year and we are starting as we mean to go on. We will soon have a couple of new arrivals. I've gone back to the darkside (read: MMM side) by purchasing an MG PA in need of a full restoration and also have a lovely MG TC which will be available later in the month. 

Aluminium Radiators for MG T-Series

Posted on November 1, 2013 at 12:50 AM

It's halloween and what could be spookier than the prospect of overheating.. ok maybe not, it's bloody freezing here. All the same we're very happy to announce that we finally have aluminium radiators in stock for MG TB TC TD. We've had the tops pressed to mimmick the originals and once they're painted it's very hard to tell. Early reports are good, we've a small batch in stock with plans to manufacture more in January. Priced at £675.00 inc VAT. 

We've also been lucky enough to find a lovely MG TA which has been fitted with a rare and elusive MG TB engine - without the timing chain tensioner and relocated drain plug. This makes the car an interesting proposition for someone to build. A pre-war car with one of MGs best pre-war engines. 

In other news I am very much looking forward to the upcoming classic car show at the NEC

Always a good day out and it'd be great to see some of you there. I'll be going for the Saturday, let me know if you're around and we can meet up for a drink. 

Sacre Bleu! Steve's not at Angouleme

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 10:25 AM

September already, time flies. It seems strange to say but we're not going to Angouleme this year, with a hectic building schedule we just couldn't spare the time. I will make up for it next year when I enter my new TA special "Sacre Bleu".

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet on the car sales front this year, I have been focussing my attentions on a couple of large kit orders and building cars. That said we have had a couple of TAs go through the garage and still have a very genuine MG TC project in stock. The part finished car I offered for sale recently was snapped up by a gentleman who intends to build a very interesting special. I hope to be able to share more details with you once he's underway.

With regards to our own builds; our latest special, which we are calling Ruby, is nearly finished and will be strolling around the Lincolnshire countryside shortly. We make sure all of our cars are properly run in and shaken down. As is often the case she is already under offer, we have had a lot of interest in these cars lately and I am delighted to be able to continue building them.

As you can see from the photographs we've moved the design on a little bit, altering the cone to be more sharply pointed and altering the profile of the tub to give a more authentic pre-war design.

We have also had the first batch of aluminium radiators arrive, one is fitted to Ruby and I expect to have more details available shortly. The pressings for TABC radiator shells are also now in stock and production should begin in the next month or so.

Please be aware that we stock a lot more parts than are listed on our website, including Volkswagen steering conversions and XPAG engine parts. Feel free to give me a call if you're looking for something in particular. 

Jersey International Motoring Festival 2013

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 8:10 AM

I was very kindly invited by the new owners of the "Big Red" TA special which I built last year to watch them at the Jersey International Motoring Festival. They had also previously purchased my white TC racer and both entered the event with Graham in "Big Red" and Lynn in the TC. 

I am fortunate enough to keep in touch with the majority of my clients and always enjoy receiving photographs and stories but this was a lovely opportunity for me to see cars I'd built being used in anger as intended.

I knew both cars would be quick but all eyes were on the lightweight XPAG engined TA special. Neither the car nor the driver disappointed, putting in sprint times quicker than several 1960s racers - MGBs included. Even some of the Healey boys were looking over their shoulders as the TA crept within seconds of their times in Grahams first outing in the car. I think the commentator was having a hard time believing his eyes. 

Lynn also did very well in the TC,despite being a relative novice she put in some very respectable times - beating her personal best time and again. She seems to enjoy the sport and I'm delighted to see that my TC has found a happy home. 

I would certainly recommend the event to spectators and entrants alike, there was a lot to see and do, plenty of opportunities to run the cars and a nice relaxed atmosphere which you dont' always find at race meetings. I hope I'll have a chance to enter myself in the next couple of years and must now find the time to put my TB back on the road track.  

T-Series Rebuild Seminar & Car Sales Update

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 5:40 AM

Many of you may already know that the annual MG "T-Register" rebuild seminar is fast approaching and I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I'll be there speaking on the subject of supercharging the XPAG engine. 

The event is on the 23rd of March at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire, it's a full day out with a number of speakers, lunch and "bring & buy" spares & regalia tables. Anyone interested in attending should contact Alan Wakefield either by email: or phone 01932 873170.

Very much on the subject of rebuilds I am looking forward to the arrival of a new MG TA project in the next week or so, nice to see one with the correct MPJG engine fitted. More details to follow. 

Finally, the red MG TA which I alluded to at the end of my previous post has now been brought back from sunny France (I bet it hates me, the weather here has been awful) and can now be found on the cars for sale page via the link above.