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MG TA Q-Type Builds - Progress!

Posted on April 17, 2012 at 3:40 PM

Mean greanie has had the chassis checked, straightened and repaired where necessary and as you can see is looking a lot better for it. I have had everything repainted to ensure a top quality finish. I have also fitted new leaf springs. The braking system is being overhauled with new wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder, the shoes have gone away to be relined. The steering arms and the front axle have been chromed, I am taking my time to make sure everything is right on this car. Both the engine and gearbox have been fully rebuilt with the engine being balanced, gas flowed and converted for unleaded fuel. With any luck they should be sitting in the car within a couple of weeks. I am planning to fit a four speed gearbox and have sourced a long ratio differential to ensure the car is suitable for high speed cruising. Once the supercharger is bolted on it won't take much imagination.

The new bodywork for big red is well under way, the tub is sitting well and I have worked out the necessary modifications to fit the custom front valance, cowling and bespoke aluminium radiator. This has extended to altering the chassis in several places! Whilst it may look similar to one of our normal bodies in the photograph, it is a very different beast in the flesh - longer, narrower and ironically meaner than the "mean greanie". I am planning a garish paint job, a marmite car if you like but I am sure you'll love it not hate it. More details soon.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these cars upon completion please drop me a line, I don't take deposits on work in progress but have always operated on a gentlemanly first come first serve policy. If you want first refusal it is yours but the cars will be built to our specification and be ready when they are ready. That is run in, tested, MOT'd, on a V5 - READY! Mean Greanie should be finished by mid July and big red will make her first outing this year at Angouleme.

What's to come..

Posted on February 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM

As I've previously suggested I am planning to build two cars this year, I can now offer a few more details on what's in store and when I expect they'll be ready. The blog will as ever feature photographs during the builds and I hope that you'll find it interesting seeing how they go together. Now then;

"Big Red"

With there being a number of MG "Q Type" specials for sale at the moment I felt it was time for me to mix it up a bit. The first of the cars that I am building will feature a new body design based loosely on the MG R-Type but adapted for the T-Type chassis. There will be a cowled in radiator and it will look every bit the part as a pre-war race car. She will be painted in a blood red with a biscuit interior, the long bonnet alluding to the power inside. That said I intend for this car to be useable on the road, it's such a shame when they are condemned to decorating people's garages for 360 days of the year. It'll be the ultimate cafe racer, 1500cc steel engine, five speed box, race tyres and several MMM style modifications. All the bells and whistles a man could want for. 

"Mean Greenie"

The other car I intend to build this year will be more akin to what you'd expect to see leaving my garage. It will be based upon the Q-Type body work kit which I sell but with several modifications to it, many of which have been requested by my clients in the past and help to set the cars apart from the crowd. Supercharged as always but this time with a more tame 1350 engine. I've designed the car to have space for enough luggage for a long weekend or even a jaunt across Europe making it a delightfully usable tourer despite the mean looks. 

Two very different cars then and a good year in prospect. I hope you enjoy reading about their progress. 

Cars Sold: Supercharged University Motors MG TB

Posted on February 17, 2012 at 8:35 AM

Now sold: One of the rarest of the pre-war MGs and in my opinion one of the best too! I'm sure the new owner will have a lot of fun driving this car, he certainly gave it a vigorous test drive, making the most of the rare Shorrock supercharger. 


This was a good example which belonged to a good friend of ours for a number of years. Very correct in terms of detail and will a good patina, lots of old invoices and the original University Motors badge were all present along with a buff log book back to 1958. 

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 6, 2012 at 7:40 AM

A very happy new year to you all, my thanks for all of the support over the previous year and I am truely looking forward to a busy 2012. Purists beware, you're in for a scare with a few TA / Q-Type builds to be completed this year and I am also working upon a new special for Angouleme. 

There will be several new items appearing in my web store this year, including pressed, brass, T-Series radiator shells, headlamp stone guards and several more. The first new item to announce, available this month are these lovely speedo and rev counter jauges. They are 5" jauges, the speedo is driven by a smiths square drive and the rev counter is electronic and available for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Photos below;

£275 for the Rev Counter and £305 for the Speedometer, both including VAT. Other designs are possible so please ask if there is something you have in mind. 

What a difference a year makes..

Posted on December 2, 2011 at 11:15 PM

With Christmas fast approaching it seems like 2011 has flown by. As many of you will know I have spent the majority of the year focussing upon building a new house. It was something I'd always wanted to do and as the saying goes, if you want something done right - do it yourself. With the project now coming to an end I will be able to once again devote my full attention to MGs and next year should be off to a great start with details of two new Q-Type builds, a lovely MG TB for sale and the prospect of a couple of Cecil Kimber's first creations in my garage. 

Angouleme, Circuit des Remparts 2011

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 5:30 AM

Angouleme. It's always a hectic trip, pleasure you inflict upon yourself I suppose, and this year was no different. 

As I previously mentioned, I took Freddie Yhap's old MG TA down for the race this year. It had been standing some time and so it was necessary to replace the old copper head gasket and install a new set of brake shoes (safety fast and all that). I do wonder, though, whether the typically ridiculous amounts of oil leaking from the differential might have somewhat hampered the brakes' effectiveness (how's that for a racing driver excuse). Whilst I'm on the topic of excuses, I will also say that my tyres left a little to be desired and must have been approaching their late teens (I'll forget to mention that they did, in their defence, begin life as 15" Dunlop race rubbers which are in no way in keeping). 

I opted to take the citroen, whilst my son Luke went with Peter Greenaway in the van taking mine and Peter's cars. I did have to wonder whether leaving my car relatively unattended with Peter (who is always a favourite for the podium) was a wise move but it seemed to arrive in one piece and as far as I could tell the rotor arm and half shafts remained in place (see; car pranks 101) and my charriot was running well.

It was a weekend of mixed weather and qualifying saw a heavy bout of showers to compound the cruelty of it taking place at 8.30am on the Sunday morning. This left my aged tyres utterly out at sea (you have no idea how literally) and despite the car feeling like it had plenty of grunt I struggled to translate this to a result and would line up on the grid in sixth place.

Thankfully things improved through the day and by the time of the race the clouds had subsided and it was time for those Dunlops to shine. Rather than do my best Murray Walker impression, I will let the video below speak for itself. 

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Although I'll understand if you have better ways to spend half an hour.. I finished third despite a couple of minor blips, one being a disagreement with a barrier another a racing incident (sure that's how Lewis Hamilton would see it) with my old MG TB (of all the cars). I had a great time despite the prolonged periods behind the safety car, in truth I'm sure I wasn't the only one grateful for the enforced mechanical sympathy and relative relaxation as there were a few smoking brakes, exhausts, even drivers after the race.

My congratulations of course go to Charles Reynolds in his Morgan super sport and Stuart Dean in the well known Dick Jacobs MG YB special who both pipped me to the post finishing first and second respectively. If the organisers will have me back I'm sure I'll be there again, to have another go and am already looking forward to Angouleme 2012. 

Beaulieu and Angouleme already!

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 9:05 AM

It's been an extremely hectic couple of months here and I can scarcely believe that it is already time to be thinking about the Bealieu autojumble and Angouleme's circuit-des-Remparts race. I will have a stand at Beaulieu with one of my Q-Type bodies, some superchargers & seats for sale so please feel free to come over, have a nose and say hello. It would be nice to know who I'm writing to. A happy customer sent me this photograph of a body tub loosely fitted, I'm very happy with the way they're evolving and I'm always looking for feedback and ideas. 

In car sales news. The black MG TC, blue MG TA/Q and burgundy TA/Q have all found loving homes and I am sure they will continue to bring joy to their respective owners for many years to come. The only new arrival of note has been sold before hitting the page! I bought this MG TA for sentimental reasons as it was owned by a good friend of mine, the late Freddie Yhap, it's impressive history and fierce 1500c+ engine have already persuaded another friend of mine to buy the car and I'm very happy I'll be able to keep tabs on her!


Where did June go?

Posted on June 29, 2011 at 5:00 PM

I'll start with the news of two new arrivals to the sale page. I've acquired a lovely and very original N-Type with all the bits "they" usually steal present and correct. I've some work to do to get her ship shape but I'd take a lower offer beforehand as the building work contiues without mercy. Here she is flying past at speed, sounding and going very well indeed.

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In addition to the N Type I have also been reunited with JYA 771, a car which belongs to a close friend of mine. After nearly 20 years of enjoyment he has reluctantly decided to put her up for sale. You can immediately tell that the car has been well loved and looked after. It is in stunning condition, one of the best TCs around and with an excellent and detailed history file.

It has otherwise been a very busy month, the roof is now on the house and I am about to embark upon the joyous process of applying for planning permition for my new garage. Wait and see on that one. I did manage to escape the chaos and make it to Silverstone MG Live!, albeit only as a spectator. It was good to see some familiar faces and watching the racing made me reconsider the specification of my next car.. the red mist is already descending.

In other news I did finally manage to sort out that manifold for the TA / Q with the crossflow cylinder head and volumex blower. A couple of minor modifications have brought a real boost in power. Notably the manifold was altered so that the air / fuel mixture is introduced more evenly across the cylinders, preventing the first two plugs from fouling up. I have made another modification which is equally crucial - no prizes but full kudos for anyone who spots it (no Peter Burgess, it's not your sticker that I'm referring to.. although no man would be wise to doubt the sticker's "go faster stripe" effect).

Busy, busy, busy, busy... Did I mention busy?

Posted on May 7, 2011 at 8:26 AM

It's been a hectic month or so, for those that don't know I am currently in the process of building a house and it seems to be all I do at the moment. Time in the garage is a rare luxury but I am evidently still making my presence known to the local council who installed these handy speedo calibrators right outside my front door. Fantastic news!

The build is at least going well, now we're over head height I'm starting to feel like it may all happen after all. I've also been lucky to have had a run of good weather thus far, topless builders are no sight for sore eyes but are getting the job done.

And finally, back to MG matters you may have noticed that the J2 I had for sale has found a new owner and as such I've sourced another project car. This time a TC which will be for sale next week, so if you know anyone who's looking please point them my way! I've also happened upon some triple M panels which are surplus to requirements and have been put up on eBay, link below.

MG QT on the Rolling Road with Peter Burgess

Posted on March 2, 2011 at 3:30 PM

The blue QT you may have seen on the for sale page is now in our garage having returned from France and as such I'm checking her over and making improvements. The car has had an easy life since it was rebuilt 4 years ago, living in the south of France and never braving bad weather. A bit of a culture shock then for her to arrive at my garage in the UK winter.

The car has a non-standard setup with a crossflow cylinder head, outside exhaust and front mounted supercharger and this brings difficulties in a colder climate. The carburretor is always likely to be prone to freezing in this position and the manifold needs to ensure the mixture (which travels some distance) is distributed evenly across the cylinders. I have therefore decided to fit a 2" SU carburretor and to make some modifications of my own to the inlet manifold (pictures to come, this photo should give you some idea):

The video below shows us in Peter Burgess' workshop testing the new formula. I've known Peter a long time and he's always a great help when tinkering with engines.. If I had to criticise I'd say he tends to trick me into leaving my mechanical sympathy at the door. That said, it sounds like it might have worked!

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Don't worry, all will be revealed. There will also be a few more improvements made to the vehicle, if you watch the web site over the next couple of months you will see her with new foot plates, aero screen supports and a new polished stainless steel spare wheel carrier.