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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


MG P-Type Q-Type PA Marshall

Posted on February 6, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Thought a few of you might be interested to see this MG PA we've just finished and sold. Of course we regularly build pointed tail T-Type cars but a MMM is a bit of a departure from the norm and was an interesting challenge.

We were lucky enough to pick up an old Peter Gregory tub which saved a lot of head scratching. The other panels were all made to suit and I hope you'll agree she looks the part. I'm particularly pleased with the big front valance which neatly covers the front mounted Marshall supercharger. 

The engine is all standard specification, very much set up for the road however with the addition of the supercharger she goes rather well. The car was fitted with an original P-Type gearbox but with an overdrive system to much longer legs for touring.

We had the seats made to fit the tub in Cerulean blue Connolly leather. It's a bit of a squeeze with two big boys inside but we were both smiling. We tried to keep the dashboard in keeping with the original Q-Type design with the big boiler gauges leaving little space for much else!

MG PA Q-Type, MG TB, TC Restorations

Posted on November 29, 2017 at 6:10 AM

It's been a busy couple of months for us here, the builders are back in and Luke has just moved house meaning there's parts and cars everywhere. Most of our time in the workshop is being spent on building our MG PA to Q specification. It's a project I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad to finally have the chance to tackle a MMM car. It'll have a pre-selector gearbox, supercharger, all the bells and whistles. She's looking well but there's a long way to go:

I also hope to have a lovely red TC finished and for sale in the next fortnight or so, it's been a real labour of love but I think the end result will be worth it. One of those cars where I just intended to make a few changes and soon found it stripped to the four corners of the garage. I've repainted the wings, replaced the bonnet, rewired the car and fitted a rebuilt Peter Edney MG engine. I undertook a similar project on a cream TC last year and funnily enough received a photograph and a kind note from the new owner recently. It'll all be worth it I'm sure.

I've actually received quite a few nice emails over the past few months from people I've sold cars to, it brings me great pleasure to see them being used, restored and enjoyed as intended. Jim has been similarly busy working on his red MG TC which he bought from us a couple of years ago. He's spent a few quid bringing it up to standard but it has surely been worth it. The car (and the owner, of course) are looking fabulous below:

Another transformation which has really made me smile is that of a restoration project which we sold a couple of years ago. JAT104 arrived in need of a lot of TLC and goodness has she received it. Here's JAT104 as she was:

and now after 2 years of careful restoration by new owner Neil:

I hope to see it in the flesh soon. It's fantastic when you have an opportunity to see a car again after a long time and to know that they're being used. One car which has never seemed too far away is Scott Bailey's old MG TB which briefly returned to us last month. I've known the car for 30 years, recently going to Germany, returning to the UK and will soon be in it's new home in Italy. I'm sure I won't look this good at 78!

Despite having quite a lot on we managed to find time to make it to the Classic Car show at the NEC again this year. I really do enjoy going and the MG Octagon Car Club very kindly invited us to display a car on their stand once again. They're a fantastic group of guys and I'd whole heartedly recommend that anyone with an interest in T-Type MGs join the club. It was good to see the stand busy and a real appreciation for the older cars at a show with such a diverse range of vehicles on display.

A Mean Greenie! & MG TC Rebuild Complete

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 4:20 AM

It is with mixed feelings that I can report that I have finished the red MG TC I've been rebuilding over the last few months, mixed because I've rather enjoyed doing it! I think the results speak for themselves, naturally a couple of things still to tinker with (yes, I will be sorting out the tonneau!) but the car is looking spot on and I'm sure it won't be with us for long:

Those of you who were surprised to see me lavishing so much time and attention on an original car will be pleased to here that I am also currently building another of my "Q-Type" specials on an MG TA. Mean Greenie, as I like to call her can be seen below sporting a polished external exhaust system and 12" brakes. We've fitted a Moss supercharger kit, which sits slightly higher than our own and allows the exhaust system to clear nicely. That's the official reason, in truth I also wanted to have a play with one! 

I love making modifications to these cars, the brakes especially have been an enjoyable challenge for me - I first modified a set for a client in America. He had asked me to source parts for his own Q-Type build using one of our bodies. We modified an ENV pre-selector, a Wade supercharger and numerous other parts as well as supplying nearly everything for the build. I had high hopes for the completed car but must say he has exceeded my expectations, the quality is stunning - judge for yourself!

Sacre Bleu! Steve's not at Angouleme

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 10:25 AM

September already, time flies. It seems strange to say but we're not going to Angouleme this year, with a hectic building schedule we just couldn't spare the time. I will make up for it next year when I enter my new TA special "Sacre Bleu".

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet on the car sales front this year, I have been focussing my attentions on a couple of large kit orders and building cars. That said we have had a couple of TAs go through the garage and still have a very genuine MG TC project in stock. The part finished car I offered for sale recently was snapped up by a gentleman who intends to build a very interesting special. I hope to be able to share more details with you once he's underway.

With regards to our own builds; our latest special, which we are calling Ruby, is nearly finished and will be strolling around the Lincolnshire countryside shortly. We make sure all of our cars are properly run in and shaken down. As is often the case she is already under offer, we have had a lot of interest in these cars lately and I am delighted to be able to continue building them.

As you can see from the photographs we've moved the design on a little bit, altering the cone to be more sharply pointed and altering the profile of the tub to give a more authentic pre-war design.

We have also had the first batch of aluminium radiators arrive, one is fitted to Ruby and I expect to have more details available shortly. The pressings for TABC radiator shells are also now in stock and production should begin in the next month or so.

Please be aware that we stock a lot more parts than are listed on our website, including Volkswagen steering conversions and XPAG engine parts. Feel free to give me a call if you're looking for something in particular. 

MG TA Q-Type Builds - Progress!

Posted on April 17, 2012 at 3:40 PM

Mean greanie has had the chassis checked, straightened and repaired where necessary and as you can see is looking a lot better for it. I have had everything repainted to ensure a top quality finish. I have also fitted new leaf springs. The braking system is being overhauled with new wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder, the shoes have gone away to be relined. The steering arms and the front axle have been chromed, I am taking my time to make sure everything is right on this car. Both the engine and gearbox have been fully rebuilt with the engine being balanced, gas flowed and converted for unleaded fuel. With any luck they should be sitting in the car within a couple of weeks. I am planning to fit a four speed gearbox and have sourced a long ratio differential to ensure the car is suitable for high speed cruising. Once the supercharger is bolted on it won't take much imagination.

The new bodywork for big red is well under way, the tub is sitting well and I have worked out the necessary modifications to fit the custom front valance, cowling and bespoke aluminium radiator. This has extended to altering the chassis in several places! Whilst it may look similar to one of our normal bodies in the photograph, it is a very different beast in the flesh - longer, narrower and ironically meaner than the "mean greanie". I am planning a garish paint job, a marmite car if you like but I am sure you'll love it not hate it. More details soon.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these cars upon completion please drop me a line, I don't take deposits on work in progress but have always operated on a gentlemanly first come first serve policy. If you want first refusal it is yours but the cars will be built to our specification and be ready when they are ready. That is run in, tested, MOT'd, on a V5 - READY! Mean Greanie should be finished by mid July and big red will make her first outing this year at Angouleme.

What's to come..

Posted on February 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM

As I've previously suggested I am planning to build two cars this year, I can now offer a few more details on what's in store and when I expect they'll be ready. The blog will as ever feature photographs during the builds and I hope that you'll find it interesting seeing how they go together. Now then;

"Big Red"

With there being a number of MG "Q Type" specials for sale at the moment I felt it was time for me to mix it up a bit. The first of the cars that I am building will feature a new body design based loosely on the MG R-Type but adapted for the T-Type chassis. There will be a cowled in radiator and it will look every bit the part as a pre-war race car. She will be painted in a blood red with a biscuit interior, the long bonnet alluding to the power inside. That said I intend for this car to be useable on the road, it's such a shame when they are condemned to decorating people's garages for 360 days of the year. It'll be the ultimate cafe racer, 1500cc steel engine, five speed box, race tyres and several MMM style modifications. All the bells and whistles a man could want for. 

"Mean Greenie"

The other car I intend to build this year will be more akin to what you'd expect to see leaving my garage. It will be based upon the Q-Type body work kit which I sell but with several modifications to it, many of which have been requested by my clients in the past and help to set the cars apart from the crowd. Supercharged as always but this time with a more tame 1350 engine. I've designed the car to have space for enough luggage for a long weekend or even a jaunt across Europe making it a delightfully usable tourer despite the mean looks. 

Two very different cars then and a good year in prospect. I hope you enjoy reading about their progress. 

Q-Type ENV Pre-Selector Gearbox

Posted on June 2, 2010 at 1:23 PM

My latest project, long promised now in the flesh. This bell-housing will be fitting an XPAG one way or another! Thankfully my machinist understands what I'm on about. Looking forward to seeing her bolted to an engine, not thought as far ahead as actualling driving the thing. Many hours of cursing before that! If it's anything like people say it'll be well worth it.

MG TB Restoration: Part 1 (b) - From the front!

Posted on October 26, 2009 at 8:12 AM

Felt I'd left a bit too much to the imagination last time around, here's a better shot of the TB.

MG TB Restoration: Part 1 - Something wicked this way comes..

Posted on October 7, 2009 at 5:46 PM
Now then, the next's a 1939 MG TB, complete with FIA paperwork. It's a lovely, rare example though definately needs some TLC. I'm really looking forward to working on this, it's been a while since I've had a TB in the garage and I love these cars. I will as always keep you up to speed with my progress. 

MG QT Build (Sold): Part 8 - Fruition

Posted on August 17, 2009 at 6:13 PM

Well at last its running around the English roads gaining miles before it goes back to the rolling road for a full power test run. The car runs at 55mph at 2500 rpm in fifth gear, that must be helping the ozone layer. Wheels are 500 x 19 inch and are of the three stud design which is a Pre war pattern.The spare wheel is supported by brackets off the chassis rails, I'm not 100% happy with it but maybe thats just the perfectionist in me.The jigs for all the body work are well under way and when I return from Angouleme I shall spend the time to ensure they're correct.