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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


What's to come..

Posted on February 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM

As I've previously suggested I am planning to build two cars this year, I can now offer a few more details on what's in store and when I expect they'll be ready. The blog will as ever feature photographs during the builds and I hope that you'll find it interesting seeing how they go together. Now then;

"Big Red"

With there being a number of MG "Q Type" specials for sale at the moment I felt it was time for me to mix it up a bit. The first of the cars that I am building will feature a new body design based loosely on the MG R-Type but adapted for the T-Type chassis. There will be a cowled in radiator and it will look every bit the part as a pre-war race car. She will be painted in a blood red with a biscuit interior, the long bonnet alluding to the power inside. That said I intend for this car to be useable on the road, it's such a shame when they are condemned to decorating people's garages for 360 days of the year. It'll be the ultimate cafe racer, 1500cc steel engine, five speed box, race tyres and several MMM style modifications. All the bells and whistles a man could want for. 

"Mean Greenie"

The other car I intend to build this year will be more akin to what you'd expect to see leaving my garage. It will be based upon the Q-Type body work kit which I sell but with several modifications to it, many of which have been requested by my clients in the past and help to set the cars apart from the crowd. Supercharged as always but this time with a more tame 1350 engine. I've designed the car to have space for enough luggage for a long weekend or even a jaunt across Europe making it a delightfully usable tourer despite the mean looks. 

Two very different cars then and a good year in prospect. I hope you enjoy reading about their progress. 

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