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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


XPAG Crankshafts, Pre-Selectors, MG TC Paint

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Happy new year to you all. 2014 was a busy year for me, 2015 looks to be too. My son Luke will be getting married and I've promised to lend him my TB to drive to the venue in. Better build it then! More of that anon.

The blue TC mentioned on my previous post has found a new owner, as an airline pilot I'm sure he won't find it intimidating to drive - by chance it will be living only a few miles from where I grew up in Kent. A nice coincidence. The white TC has also found a new home, although there were one or two things I wanted to look at before it went (see below). 

The paint finish on the bulkhead was very poor and so I decided to strip it and have it professionally sprayed. We also identified an oil leak from the bottom end and decided it would be easier to take the engine out than mess around attempting a repair in situe. I always check cars over whilst they're here and weigh up what they need, that's why I MOT all roadworthy cars - it's just not worth skimping. 

You may recall that I sold a Q-Type bodied special in pieces to a chap in America recently, I previously posted a photograph of his front-mounted Wade supercharger which caused a bit of a stir. He has now finished building the car and is very happy with the result. So he should be, it looks absolutely fantastic and I was delighted to be involved with the project. If you fancy a go at building one I can supply all necessary parts. 

Speaking of parts, I have a new product to announce. I am now able to sell UK made steel billet crankshafts made to the original factory specification. They are balanced and nitrided, sold ready to fit at £1,550 including VAT.

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