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MG TA MG TB MG TC MG TD MG TF for Sale | Steve Baker MGs 1936-1955


Where are they now? & Steve's race for Angouleme

Posted on May 25, 2016 at 5:40 AM

With the rush of summer and the small matter of Steve's car still being in pieces with only a few months to Angouleme (more on that later) I'm afraid we've been neglecting the blog a bit of late. I thought, perhaps, whilst we're locked away in the garage without much to show you that it might be interesting to write an article about a few of the cars we've sold over the last couple of years. We've met some lovely people through our little MG business and enjoy hearing about their progress - I hope you'll find it interesting too.   

A few years ago we offered this green MG TC restoration project for sale on behalf of a friend of ours. Sadly Mike had realised that he was no longer able to drive the car and had stressed to us the importance of finding it a good home. It could so easily have become the subject of a TV show being made at the time.. as we had the representatives round to view the car. After much consideration and wanting a clear conscience we really didn't think it would be right to let them undertake an 8 week wonderbuild on such an original car. We needed someone who was going to do a proper job. 

It was no sooner than had we decided that they couldn't have it, that Steven arrived looking for a project. It was at difficult time for him as he had been suffering with his health. He wanted a distraction from it all, something to motivate him to push on with his treatments. I must admit we had our concerns that he was taking on a bit much but my God were we proven wrong!

He quickly set about restoring the car, regularly updating us with a number of photographs of his progress and making us smile with lines like "Novice reporting in!". Now that "Nancy" is back on the road she certainly doesn't look like she's been restored by a Novice - the result of months of love car and attention to detail:

Here's another car we sold a couple of years ago:

When Paul bought this TC off us, it had been restored mechanically with the previous owner even fitting a new set of Alfin drums to the car but was starting to look a little bit tired. Paul of course did would any sensible man would do when presented with a car in need of cosmetic restoration.. he fitted a blower! Then he set about making her tip-top once more. 

We had originally been told he would paint it green but I think, like Clarkson with his Ferraris, there was only one real option. I'm so glad he opted to go with the red too as I think it looks absolutely brilliant. A truely sorted jem which will give years of pleasure. I just hope he and his lovely wife Heather continue to invite me round to see them enjoying it. 

So there you are, two lucky TCs which found loving homes both looking resplendant in red. Now I'm finally starting to think of my own car I will be updating the blog a lot more regularly over the next few months. I've entered Angouleme but at the moment, my rather ambitious K3 Mille Miglia bodied MG TB project is a long way from track ready. September is starting to seem awfully soon - let's see how I get on!

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