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Past Projects: Eaton M90 Supercharger

Posted on February 15, 2009 at 10:32 AM

The build for Angouleme is progressing nicely, the cylinder block has gone to be machined and the con rods, crank, flywheel etc all away for balancing. The bench has been been cleared and awaits their return. As this leaves me without any exciting photos to upload, I thought I'd share some old photos and thoughts regarding my old Eaton M90 built onto a 1350 XPAG engine.


I ran this supercharger at 0.8 to 1, the blower turning slower than the engine. These blowers are easily available online e.g. from eBay - designed to fit a 3.5-5 litre engine and more often found on American muscle cars. Suffice to say you shouldn't struggle to find them. I used an original Nordic Marshall inlet manifold and a 2" HD8 SU carburettor. I fabricated the inlet manifold myself and I must say that this took longer than the rest of the brackets.

If I was going to do one of these today, I would machine the front crankshaft pulley to take a b-section belt. You can also buy a taper-lock pulley with a b-section belt from any good bearing stockist. The only problem I?ve found with this blower are that; when racing there was a turbo-lag effect if revs dropped. For road use it was perfect!



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