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MG TB Police Car - Spoken For

An oily rag MG TB with police history. One of only 379 TBs, Mille Miglia eligible.

A rare car indeed, on it's original registration this 1939 MG TB was supplied new to Lancashire Police. This makes it one of only 379 MG TBs ever built and one of only 18 MG TB police cars. The TB is particularly desirable as a rally car and is eligible to a number of popular events including of course the Mille Miglia.

Very much an oily rag car but in mechanically sound condition. Use it as is or improve as desired, the choice is yours. My inclination would be to leave it as is. I note the only other TB currently for sale is offered over double the asking price here so you shouldn't find yourself out of pocket whatever you decide to do. Notable items on the car include a genuine MG TB front axle (stamped), correct Luvax shock absorbers and an FT27 fog lamp.

n.b. This car has been fitted with the Morris variant of the XPAG engine (and gearbox), designated XPJM at some point in the past. This unit is externally the same as the original type but 1140cc (although it will bore to 1250cc). There is an original 1939 stamped MG TB cylinder head with the car. The bucket seats are of course a later addition and there is no hood currently fitted.

It wasn't long ago that a project car would command this type of money, indeed I've paid it myself for one in pieces(!) This is a solid car which has benefitted from a new ash frame and can be enjoyed today. Indeed I'm using it as my runaround until a new home is found. Don't hang about, they aren't making any more.

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