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Hello and welcome to the website of Steve Baker. If you're a fan of pre-war & T-Type MGs then you've come to the right place. 


I have worked with MGs for over 35 years, restoring cars for private and business clients throughout Europe. This website contains information about some of the cars that I have built, my past career and current activities.


My son Luke and I are now in the business of buying and selling cars. We specialise in T-series cars, 1936-1955, as these are the cars we know, but do also take an interest in earlier MGs. 


We would love to hear from you if you are considering selling your car or if you're thinking about buying an early MG. 

We also sell specialist parts through this site, including the M45 Superchargers which I'm sure you'll have seen, Q-type body kits to fit TA/TB/TC cars and a few other items. Most of our second hand items go on eBay (stevebakermg), but we'd be happy to take your call if you're looking for something in particular - we know where most parts come from. 

You can reach us on 01158 882227, email to or by clicking on "Contact Us" above.

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