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Steve (and Luke!!) Baker MG

We trade in pre-1955 MGs, offer specialist performance parts and build pre-war specials. If you're in the market for a T-Type, have a car to sell or are interested in our parts or specials please feel free to get in touch. We are also happy to offer advice and recommendations.


A brief history:

I (Steve) first bought an MG in the early 1980's. At the time my MGB was my pride and joy and I restored her to compete in the concours event at Silverstone. This where I saw my first T-Type and fell in love. The MGB was sold and I exchanged my life's savings for a dismantled MG TA which I spent the next year teaching myself to reassemble. My hobby quickly turned into an obsession and before long I had joined the MG Octagon car club and found myself trading in T-Type spares and restoring cars for clients around the world.

I continued to work with MGs right through the 1990s and also developed a keen interest in racing. I loved the look of the factory racing cars but couldn't afford the real deal and so decided to build my own pointed tail MG TA special based on an early MG Q-Type race car (pictured below). It looked fantastic, with a front mounted supercharger and rare crossflow (XPAG) cylinder head but I soon found myself wanting more power. This lead me into the world of XPAG engine tuning and superchargers for which I am now well known. 

I remained involved with MGs through the early 2000s but a new business opportunity presented itself and I made the decision to sell my spares business to Andy King and wind down a little. I continued to race and build T-Types through this period and particularly enjoyed attending the circuit-des-remparts event in Angouleme several times. MGs became a hobby rather than a business once more but were never far away.

My son Luke grew up surrounded by MGs and spent much of his childhood in pit lanes and exhibition halls all around Europe. The photograph below shows him aged four waiting to go for a drive. I had always insisted that he go to university and "get a real job" but after a few years working in London for a software company it was becoming apparent that MGs would win out. We built a car together to take to the Circuit-des-Remparts race at Angouleme in 2010, one night after a couple of beers we discussed building another. I didn't take much persuading and we have worked together ever since. 

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