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A new website, a return to normality?

What a strange year it's been. The Covid-19 situation seems to be improving in the UK now and we can finally start to think about a return to normality. I just hope it's not short lived.

Predictably there has been some disruption to our builds and Luke thought he'd take a bit of time to take a crack at the website instead. It's a bit bare at the moment but in time we'll flesh it out I'm sure.

We've resumed car sales starting with a fantastic Q-Type special I built for a client some 7 years ago. It is fitted with a lovely Peter Gregory body and in tip-top condition.

I have also made the difficult decision to offer my personal MG TB for sale. I've been presented with an opportunity to build myself a six cylinder that I just can't resist and I can't keep them all!

Hope to have everything up on the site in due course but please feel free to contact us in the mean time if you have any queries. Best, Steve (& Luke)

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