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MG TB Slab Tank & The Q-Type Finished

Well it's been a very stranger winter here, unable to welcome clients I've been locked away in the garage which means there has been plenty of progress.

First up, you may recall that I've been working on an MG TB slab tank special fitted with a modified aluminium K-Type body. It's been a joy to work on and I'm very pleased with the result. I really love the panelwork and the colour sets it off beautifully too. I can thoroughly recommend the services of Stanton Motorsport for anyone looking for a rolling road, these guys know their stuff and were very helpful in setting up the car. I just wish it were a little warmer.

You may also recognise the car black car below from my previous post, I have finally finished the restoration of this MG PA / Q-Type special and I'm delighted with it. I was actually really surprised with how good it is to drive as well, she is fitted with a Volumex supercharger which gives a lot of a boost when fitted to the 850cc engine. It picks up really well and makes a fantastic noise. I've also been won over by the ENV75 pre-selector which was hard work at first but soon became second nature. She will now be sent on her way to Japan where I'm sure the new owner will find plenty of sunny days to take her for a spin.

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