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MG TC Restoration Project --Now Sold!!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

A very complete project which has already had a lot of money spent.

This is an abandoned restoration, the chassis has been powder coated and the car benefits from a new ash frame (have a look at Moss price £4,000 unassembled) and re-chromed windscreen frame. The rolling chassis looks to have been well put together with new wheel cylinders and stainless steel master cylinder fitted, king pins sorted, new poly bushes for springs, new wheel bearings etc. All of the panels are with the car, as is in the tinwork for the tub and a complete dashboard. The pedals, kickplate (for the bulkhead), handbrake are all with the car. Spare doors skins provided, and most of the original fasteners, clips etc. Correct TC engine and gearbox which are complete and together with the proper remote, original air cleaners, carbs and all ancillaries. A few parts are still in boxes and not photographed. All the bits you can't buy are there and she is extremely complete. The car is now sitting on it's wheels, per below.

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