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MG TC Restoration Projects

Well it's not often you have the chance to pick up a quality MG TC restoration project but last summer we were fortunate enough to pick up several in one go, along with a mountain of parts. In fact we ended up needing a 40' container to bring it all back to Blighty.

If we've been a bit quiet it's because we've been rather busy! The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen the projects that we have already offered for sale online, as well as a glut of parts sold on eBay.

We're still sorting out the last few parts but still have a couple of complete cars which will also be listed soon.

Both cars are complete with new ash frames from Andy Denton, good quality panels, and chassis which have been checked and sorted by Chassisbuild. More details in due course but please do feel free to contact us if you're looking for a project.

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