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What I've been up to in lockdown

Updated: May 22, 2020

There's rather a lot less going on here that I would like at the moment, with Luke away and many suppliers closed. It is very frustrating but of course understandable, let's hope we're past this Covid-19 situation sooner than later and back to normality.

Having completed our first MG PA / Q-Type build I'm well underway with the second. This is going to be a real beast of a car with an ENV 75 pre-selector gearbox. Really looking forward to having her finished.

I am also building a slab tank T-Type special in the style of a factory K3 race car, she will be similar to my old TB race car with a few minor tweaks. I've just finished fitting up the body tub and she'll be back to the panel guy for a bonnet as soon as possible. I think the big headlamps and valance really look the part.

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